Club Announcements:

  • 27th Annual Spirit of Free Beer (SoFB) Homebrew Competition, which is Brewers United for Real Potables (BURP’s) nationally recognized homebrew competition, held each spring, is the metropolitan Washington DC area’s largest amateur homebrew competition – going strong since 1992! For more details see
  • Lutheran Brew Crew (LBC) is planning on a Wort Share, however, I could not find any details on the event.  It possible the event has been canceled due to COVID-19
  • LBC Brewfest 2020 – All home brew and craft beer lovers are invited to the 4th Annual Lutheran scheduled for 6 Jun 2020.  For more details watch their Facebook page at

Upcoming beer events

Meeting Presentation:

The guest speaker this month was Curt Mattingly from Lutheran Brew Crew.  He provided stories of how the club started with 37 members who mostly non-brewers to their adventures in moving 500 gallons of wort in truckloads of kegs.  The moving of beer has become one of their club signature events called the annual Wort Share.  This year was/is the 4th year the club held the event.  Even more impressive is all the brewing they do with 500 gallons of wort.  Check out their Facebook pages for some great images at 

Curt also gave some great pointers on how to make great Lagers, which I am sure he is great after brewing 500 gallons in 5 gallon fermenters (Actual he had help ☺).  Some of the points are as follows:

  • Use Pilsner as your base malt
  • Water is very important and you should start with either distilled water or reverse osmosis and build the water up to the correct profile
  • Control temperature
  • Run a Diacetyl test and correct accordingly
  • Let sit at 31 degrees for minimum of 8 weeks
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