President, Joe Darden took center stage for the administrative portion of the meeting. Joe highlighted upcoming events including the Cherry Blossom Competition as well as the AHA annual meeting slated for later June in Rhode Island. 50West members are encouraged to monitor both the Facebook page as well as website for details. Invoices for annual dues have also been sent to the membership. If there are questions, please see Elizabeth Halabuk for payment options.

Members Bill Davenport and Mark Schaad treated us a discussion on how a homegrown brewing setup can produce quality beers. The twosome have been neighbors and friends for several years and have shared a love of the craft. Together, they have developed a system which is both creative and practical. The audience peppered the duo with questions ranging from trouble with oxygenation to methods of cooling. All participants came away with a clearer understanding of their design and perhaps some concepts to incorporate into their own brewing experience.

Tasting of club members’ brews continued this month with sampling of six selections. With English, Irish and Scottish beers being the category, there were a wide range of styles represented. The evening ended in a tie for most enjoyed with Mark Schaad’s Best Bitter equaling the Maple Scotch Ale brewed by Peter Roberts. Both brewers have demonstrated an evolution in their brewing expertise and should be applauded for creating delightful entries to the category.

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