Continuing our series of barrel-side chats, the business portion was short and focused on upcoming competitions as well as club collaborative efforts for a grain buy and a cost effective means for shipping to out of state contests. More to come for 50 Westers!

James Halabuk initiated a lively conversation about the technique of lagering. The topic generated several questions regarding expected pitfalls; the experience of many members resulted in a discussion which reflected the knowledge and skill of participating brewers.

The highlight of each month’s meeting continues to be sampling of our home brews. With brewer’s choice being the category, there was a wide variety of styles represented, but it was a baltic porter which took home the Brewer of the Month honors. Mark Schaad brought this tasty version to the meeting; his recipe is posted for those who wish to try their hand at producing this brew.

Thoughtful consideration of brews is an integral part of each monthly meeting
pictured here: Ralph Barthold, Phil Chamberlin, Tyrone Osilesi
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