Ensconced  in the new digs provided by Ocelet Brewing Company, our November meeting was a combination of business and pleasure.  Chris Palmisano led the business meeting with a focus on the details related to our competition as well as the upcoming elections for club leadership.  If you are interested in holding an officer position, please contact Elizabeth Halabuk to have your name added to the slate.  Descriptions of positions are available and no prior experience is required!

Joe Darden kicked off the tasting portion of the meeting with a discussion of vintage beers and the some of the pitfalls associated with aging beers.  After highlighting some of the pros and cons of the technique, Joe also commented on the impact to recipe development as well as some of the storage concerns related to the process.  Vertical tasting is definitely an interesting way to sample and can illustrate the continued impact of fermentation on the flavors present.

Following a tasting of vintage beers, we moved to tasting samples from this month’s beer styles; the brown ales, porters and stouts. John Alred took home Brewer of the Month honors with his Blackout Stout.  This brew had a roasted chocolate taste that was lip smackin’ good!  Easy beverage to sip by the fire all winter long.  To make your own version, see John’s formula in the Recipe section of our blog.

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