This month’s meeting was an interactive taste test where members were asked to identify three specific off flavors that indicate a poor brew.  Tyrone Osilesi acted as the facilitator for discussion; members were then given the opportunity to describe the classic scents and tastes associated with DMS, Diacetyl, and Acetaldehyde.  Never again will the flavor of buttered popcorn, green apple or creamed corn pass the lips of a 50 West member unchecked!  As a tribute to the season, porters and stouts were featured beers during this month’s meeting.  Joe Darden took home Brewer of the Month honors with his porter aptly named “Carry My Flipping Bags” despite allowing only enough sampling for a shared swallows of the prized beverage.  For those fortunate few who enjoyed Joe’s entry, a showering of dots (and associated points) was awarded!


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