July was a great month for 50 West. We had 5 brewers bring the style of the month…Session / Lawn Mower Beers (all under 5%). We also had Chris Palmisano speak to brewing efficiencies and how those efficiencies affect your home system vs. how they affect a larger company’s brewing habits. We did ask for potential topics you’d want to hear presentations on and we welcome those suggestions anytime. Some of the ones we received included the Cask ale movement, Tonsmeyer to come speak again, and how to learn how to brew different types of Sour beers (cough cough, Pete).

Our monthly competition participants included Adam with a  Gose,  Chris Palmisano with “And Then There Were Two”, Craig Thompson with “I love Citra”, Ralph with his “Phys Ed Teacher”, and last but not least Sean Shott’s Session beer. Ultimately the winner was… Adam Mouw with his Gose! Great job Adam!

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