June 2017 50 West Beer Club Meeting
Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


  • Chris Palmisano will be doing the brew club presentation for next months meeting.
  • Discussions on the competition have officially begun! There are discussion for having 2-3 other brew clubs join in on the fun. More information on that to come. We’re also increasing the number of entries to 100 and possibly more which means we’ll need more volunteers to help out this year. If you’re interested please chat with one of the officers to get involved. There is also discussion of having multiple days to judge and the date has been set for October 21st.
  • This month’s brew competition was IPA and the brewers were bringing the heat! See below for competition information.
  • Discussions on making our facebook group private vs. public in order to gain more members. No final decision has been made on this as of yet.

Speaker / Presenter

This month we had Graeme Henderson speak on the method of brewing with an electric system. Learn more about his system, setting up your own, pros and cons, as well as pricing from the 50 west June Meeting PowerPoint!

Monthly Beer Club Competition Participants

  1. Little Graeme Henderson with an IPA called “Good as it Gets”
  2. Joe Darden with his New England IPA, “The Squeeze”
  3. Sean Shott with a Rebel IPA
  4. Graeme Henderson with his “Chief Pliny” IPA
  5. Craig Thompson with a “Twisted Galaxy” IPA
  6. Brendan O’Leary with a “Juicy” IPA
  7. Chris Palmisano with a “Hello, Clarice” IPA

Brew Club WINNER
Craig Thompson with a “Twisted Galaxy” IPA




















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