Thanks to all those that came out to the monthly club meeting last night at Ocelot Brewing Company. Here is a brief summary of the evening.

Chris Palmisano opened meeting and welcomed everyone. He reminded members of the off-flavor training seminar on Wednesday, 20 July 2016. The cost is $35 and there are 11 tickets left. The proceeds from the event will benefit the club to keep the “lights on”.

Chris also mentioned the upcoming club beer competition. All styles of beer except those with wild yeast are eligible. Entries will be $7 per and a limit of 3 entries per brewer. More information will be posted in the future. Start brewing!

Chris also introduced Mike from Wine Styles in South riding. Mike spoke about the store and the awesome craft beers he has. Mike also explained the Beer Club and offered a prize for some free time on the Beer Club! Please check out their store for more info. I’ll post the link to their webpage below in the comments.

Pete presented on recipe formulation. There was some great discussion and input from the group…a truly interactive experience and a model for all future presentations!

The monthly beer tasting was IPAs and there were seven very good beers that we all enjoyed. There was some discussion on if some Belgian Yeast was masquerading as White Labs California Yeast in my submission but I am pretty sure I didn’t cross streams when harvesting the yeast.

Congratulations goes to Graeme Henderson for being selected as the club Brewer of the Month for his version of the Brew Kettle’s White Rajah. Ask him about this beer sometime.

Also congratulations to Danny Gauvreau who won the raffle for a prize from the beer club from Wine Styles.

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