We had a fantastic meeting last night were Michael “The Mad Fermentationist” Tonsmeire educated us on various aspects of sour beers such as different brewing processes, yeast strains, microbes, barrels, fruit additions, clean gear vs sour gear, packaging, advice on sour brewing, and much more. Check out his blog and book if you want to learn more.

A special thanks to our sponsors: LetsHomeBrew.com, Jay’s Brewing, MyLHBS, Kettles & Grains, Ocelot Brewing, BrewLoco, and Old Bust Head Brewery. Congratulations again to Raoul for being selected as brewer of the month. Also, it was a blast hanging out with the Homebrew of Western Loudoun club, great people and great beer. 

Stay tuned for more posts on other upcoming events that you may be interested in. One of which is the Brew Your Own Magazine Boot Camps in Vermont in November. You may remember Michael mentioning that he is leading 2 of the scheduled 16 boot camps. One is on sour beer techniques and another on Barrels and wood-aging.

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