These are the folks that keep the beer machine running
Chris Palmisano

Chris Palmisano


The self-proclaimed King of Adjuncts, Chris founded 50 west back in 2014. When he’s not brewing turmeric-infused beers, you can find him watching movies at the Alamo draft house and kicking’ it with his family.

Tyrone Osilesi

Tyrone Osilesi

Vice President

Ty has been brewing since 2014, and said to hell with extract brewing and bottling after batch number two. His favorite styles to brew are pale ales, saisons, and anything requiring a Belgian yeast strain. When he’s not perfecting his brewing craft, he can be seen spending QT with the fam, competing in triathlons, and firing down-range. Cheers!


Joe Darden


As the resident know-it-all, Joe can be found waxing poetic on topics like thermal load and residual alkalinity.

Joe Osiecki

Joe Osiecki

Membership Chair

Joe "Hop Head" Osiecki finishes every batch of beer by snorting a full 5 grams of each hop used in the batch. Yeah, he's kind of a big deal.

Elizabeth Halabuk

Elizabeth Halabuk


Elizabeth recently joined the homebrew community through marriage . . .for better or worse, but definitely homebrew! As the quality control official, Elizabeth enjoys wheat and fruit beers but will leave porters on the shelf. 50 West has provided her a forum to explore new tastes and expand her practical knowledge of the craft.

Peter Lex

Peter Lex

Competition Coordinator

Pete has been brewing since 2014. He likes to brew a variety of styles and has been experimenting with sour beers.

James Halabuk

James Halabuk

Special Events Chair

James has been brewing since 2011, and really enjoys fruit beers and German beers. He’s got a beer-loving wife, two brewhouse puppies, and a supportive family to be thankful for.

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